1am rant

Yep its 1am and I am up blogging... just updated a few things on my website. checked email & reviewed some information Etsy had.
I probably drank caffeine too late in the day! Just finished up several alterations I was procrastinating on for friends... and finished my Mom's dress alterations. I had made a really cute spring dress out of pink rayon cotton with brown flowers (much prettier than sounds). She fit it great - minus a few tucks at the top (narrow shoulders vs the pattern cut). Took care of that with a dart in back and a box pleat in front... looks good if I don't say so myself.

Cut out 2 purses out of some great heavy material I found at the salvation army store! Have to look through my purse fabric bin to find contrasting linings for them. Actually they are tote bags vs purses... though most of the time mine is multipurpose tote/purse. Gotta get my camera's program Cd's into my computer so I can post the pics! TTD list - tomorrow.

Cats are going crazy - cant understand why I am still up! My Marcy keeps looking at me like well come on its bed time! She is the one who sleeps with me. Too I gotta get up by 8am for a class I am taking on Saturdays.

Ok I think I am finally tired enough to sleep - crazy hours! LOL

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