Pictures of my recycled cuting table

Here are a few before and after pictures of my homemade cutting table. It's made out of w\two hollow core doors w/o the handles, but with the set of hinges holding them together on the underside. I added 36 inch legs, I purchased patio spindles for the legs sturdy enough with L-brackets screwing them all together. FYI Hollow core doors are hollow except at the edges... so do not try to place your legs to far under the table, they will need to be along the edges... LOL bet you can guess what I tried with the first leg!

The picture with the crates underneath the table is the before picture, I had it siting on my homemade ironing table. But with rearranging the room I am now able to use both!

Also my daughter insisted I paint the legs - we chose orange. I am going to add a curtain around the two sides you see as you come down into my studio - dress it up a bit. You can see one of the orange legs on the top picture, the corner facing you will soon have a curtain placed around the edge (great for hiding the storage space underneath).

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