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Hello all, what is Gwendolyn's Design been up to? I have been busy working on setting up my store front on ETSY.com you will be able to purchase many of the unique items shown on this blog...
This has been an especially busy week, spring break for the kids and all. I decided to do a bit of spring cleaning myself, though my children were not much help. My studio, well OK it is my basement, was looking like a major tornado had torn through it. It was time to clean up! or be lost forever... in the sea of material and crafts. It was also a week to have my sewing machines cleaned and fixed so it was the perfect opportunity to dig in (literally). It is almost done, only I really need to purchase a few more clear totes for my fabric collection. Once that beast is tamed I think it will look fabulous... then to mess it up again! Yippee!!!

A few tips that I have found to work when setting up my studio - I will share with you... I am very big on recycling and revamping old into new. I am going to add pictures of the improvements soon... gotta get he camera downloaded.
My cutting table - it fits me well with 36" legs. I purchased 36" spindles from Fleet Farm originally meant for an outdoor deck. Last fall my mother and I found several sets of hallow core doors that were perfect for a large cutting table. I really lucked out with both being the same length and one being slightly smaller. The real kicker was the hinges from when they were hung lined up perfectly making barely a crack where they joined together.
I am adding peg board to the walls, as it is a cement pored walls I am attaching a 2x2 to the rafter end then allowing them to hang down and add the peg board to them. This is a double blessing as you need room for the peg's to be inserted... wallah lots of different options for organizing on an otherwise useless space.

My sewing tables, one is a standard fold down table, and the second that I created an L-shaped table is made out another narrow hallow core door I recycled. balanced securely on two old shelf & end table raised to the appropriate height.

The shelving is salvaged from my old house along with the cabinet, another clearance find at a local store. Now just a few more clear totes - and we are in business.

Ironing table - a ironing board is fine if you are not a avid sewer. It was so simple to create, I looked at a few on-line ideas from other blogger. I came up with this one with only having to purchase a 2X4 ft particle board. I recycled my sons old TV stand, this was great as it has wheels and makes it easier to maneuver. Also has a nice shelf for storage.... yet definitely not tall enough. I had two sets of crates, originally used for shelves for the kids toys. Stacked upon the TV stand it was the perfect height for me, screwed them together then added the 2x4 ft sheet of plywood. Topped with several layers of cotton batting, a wool blanked cut to size and a nice piece of brown wool over it all - then tacked under the edges creating a great ironing table. Perfect for larger pieces! I only wish I would have added a layer of aluminium foil before adding the batting layers... not sure if it would have made a big difference, it was just a fellow blogger advice... though it works GREAT! Cheap is not enough of a word to say how much it cost. LOL

Even the flooring is recycled - a salvaged piece of carpet with cushioning under it. several throw rugs to keep the feet warm. The peg board was from a local free-cycling program. What a great way to keep the earth healthier - recycle recycle recycle - reuse whatever you can!

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