Tan & Floral Dress

Here are pictures of a dress I did for a friend, she looks fabulous in it.... though I had to catch her when she was ready to leave. So that is why we are out by the car. It is from an A-line dress pattern, I altered it to be ankle length and long sleeves. So many pattens and outfits are out with the 3/4 sleeve, but an easy fix to lengthen a few inches without distorting the pattern. I also made notes to use the pattern for myself - now to actually do so.

I have several people waiting on alterations, and as always I am procrastinating. I rather make things from scratch then changing another work. Still it helps with the extras the kids want, It's the only reason I am doing so....

Too now the sewing room is finished, peg boards up and functional. The cutting table is stabilized and I only have a small pile of fabric to go through and organize. (Yes to me this is finished... forever ongoing.) Pictures to come soon! Looks great and is so much more functional!

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