Being a Mom ~ Where has the time gone?

It is Friday and another week of summer has flown by. It is hard to imagine where the time has gone it is as if yesterday was only the start of the week... and so soon we are at the end.

Kinda like life, Kinda? It is LIFE!

I look at my kids and think: How did they get sooo big? My son being a good 6'3" tall and my daughter trying to be older than she is. The simple facts such as one will be starting college in only two years - yikes. How can I be old enough to have this happen? Where has the time gone?

Not only where has the time gone but what have I done with it? Has my life had any meaning, will it have any meaning????? As far as what I have done, nothing very significant ... That is until you come to my Children - they are VERY significant! Amazing what they are capable of doing, their kindness, humor, love and so much more. I wonder what they will have accomplished by the time they are my age. And like so many thousands before me I want them to have better, Be better, live better.

So to answer where has the time has gone ~ To my children!

I am old enough to have them, I was and am old enough to help them! No matter how long each of us live (if God forbid they go before me). I will always know that they were are and will be my life. After all I am a MOM!

Being a MOM, Is all I can ask to be remembered for or at least that I hope, I am remembered well. They are my life, my time, and as far as I believe My greatest accomplishment! I only pray that it was enough, and continues to be enough for a very looooong time to come.

When you become a parent your whole life changes (or should). You have been entrusted this tiny life, they are part of you. (It doesn't matter if you like yourself or not, you need to think of them as some part of you that you want to improve upon, give better too.) They are not there to make You feel better, In turn they will. But many moments you find yourself having to be the better person, doing better and if necessary changing for the better. It is never You again, it is US, WE, THEM, HER/HIM. We all need to take care of ourselves, giving ourselves some 'Mommy Time'! (Trust me you DO need to have Mommy Time ~ no matter what age your kids are). But, it is there for us to make us better Mommy's ~ for them!

Being a Mom is a BIG endeavor ~ One I pray, I have done some good in. Each day whether it is a Monday or Friday, I will try to be better, do better and change for the better. After all it is not only God that sees Everything ~ That little baby sitting in his/her car seat Sees Everything you are doing good or bad! Why not strive to be the best ~ So one day you can be remembered as the Mom who was there, who cared, loved, gave and changed someone else for the better! What more can we ask for but to have had the time to have done so.

Please do not waste the time you have been blessed with ~ you never know what you will be remembered for!

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