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Hello all

I was out today and finally visited our local "Fair Trade shop" They support fair wages & working conditions with each purchase.

Basically when I purchase let's say an "African bead" at a large chain store, they paid next to nothing for it & mark the price up say 200% - 800% (really that is not an unusual markup). Then they sell it to you and me. The person in Africa may have only receive around 10 cents for all their hard work. The Big Corp just made themselves a tidy little (Ha... Large) profit. If you google the riches people in the world a USA family with a familiar name will pop up.


"Fair Trade" shops, They demand that their purchases be made at a price that is compatible with where & how much they sell the item for. I.E.: giving the Maker an actual living wage that they can provide for their family, and even thrive upon!

Now, who would you rather support? This can also be done by purchasing from local small business shop owners. In turn supporting your community - another "who would you rather support?"

Here is the web site for "Globally Sound Fair Trade" @ 604 W. College Ave Appleton, WI email them or web page

Another local WI group is "A Better Footprint" visit their web page

Check them out and see what you can find!

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