Survived the first week of summer break

Hello all you busy Moms who are just now experiencing the joys of Summer Vacation. My kids have been off for an entire week now... only going slightly nuts. The first week we always look at it as being 'free time' then after is when I start setting the Summer ground rules.

In all I have not been very productive this week myself, finally (I think) over being sick. Kids are already way too 'plugged in' to our electronics, and i am itching to get them out the door to enjoy the (finally) Nice weather...

Summer Survival MODE:

  • Daily chores; Each child needs to do 2 chores a day, even if small. That is without me asking more than once.

  • Daily activities: One day will be Library, one Swimming, one 'free' day, now to figure out schedules for the other four days.

  • Myself - need to set (at least) One day to sewing, one to beading, one to photographing & posting new items to ETSY.

  • One day we all give the house a good cleaning!

My intentions are good - yet nothing ever stays the way it is suppose to... still I think sticking to a general plan will help. Although with nights like last (ie Insomnia until 4am) things have a tendency to be changed.

I did manage to finish 3 bags & 99% done with a purse when up until 4am. So even with a change in the daily schedule things did get done. thank God my studio is in the basement, so I would not wake up everyone in the house. Even did a load of laundry... even folded! Yes!

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