Only time will tell...

Summer days are slipping by - where has June & July gone? In only a few weeks my youngest turns 11 years old, in a couple months the oldest turns 17 - can you believe it? I just can not imagine where the time has gone.

As we all grow older I find I am trying to appreciate the days we have together. To appreciate each moment - good and bad. Though I really do my best to avoid the bad, LOL. Yet, I have learned that the bad doesn't necessarily need or can be avoided.. it does produce growth and a all needed chance to grow. After all looking back on the 'worst' times in my life I find that without them I would not be who I am. They were my 'training' sessions for who I wanted to be and a 'learning' session on who I did not want to be!

As I had to learn - so do my children. As a parent I wish I could just download my trial and tribulations to them allowing them to glean wisdom from my errors... Had I figured this one out I would be rich selling it to all the worlds loving parents. (& probably a few court systems for the not so loving parents children).

Being the downloading information from ones past to another ones future is not possible... all I can do is share with my children 'why' I have set rules, 'why' I will not allow certain behaviors and too 'why' I worry and fret over them. Perhaps this is my 'download' and just perhaps the following years they will grow in their own experiences - but perhaps from mine.

Only time will tell...

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