Recharge and RELAX

I have been having this conversation with a lot of friends lately... what do we do to relax; recharge and feel like we haven’t been through the proverbial mine field of life?

Let me know what your RECHARGE/RELAX/Coping mechanism is!    Here are a few I do - Well OK NEED to do! LOL

       Really take a few deep breaths breath in count 1 – 10, breath out count 1 – 10…

Scream at the top of my lungs
       Ok while in the car, windows closed, and not around other traffic. Really is a great stress releaser. Really!

Yoga – when you find the time

Yoga stretches
     Just a few when you don’t have the time for a whole session

A Massage
      IF you can afford one! Try the local schools the student usually need hours & can cost less. Though you are taking your chances on who will be doing it.

     Even if it around the house – move, wiggle, stretch, yawn, anything

Smell the flowers
      Scent therapy is a great way to relax so fill your home with GOOD smells

      Write ‘Inspiring’ messages & post them
            I even did this while working, the employees would laugh or smile when they found them.

     I mean Really GOOD Dark Chocolate! Goes a long way for a relaxing moment

    Turn everything OFF, enjoy the silence… that means even the cell phone, tv, computer ect... unplug!

Take a moment for yourself, and you will be able to give soo much more to those you love and live with each day.

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