School is back in session - feeewww..

It has been a hard loooong couple of weeks. Not only getting school supplies, appointments in ect, but too the general grumps & groans of the 'back to school blues' all parents deal with at some point during their children's formidable years. Trying to get them in bed earlier & up earlier, this year I gave up - they will just have to adjust! (their in 6th and up, so they know a bit about getting into routines. they also know about the consequences of not.) It is also a short first two weeks, then the full five days in a row hit. I too am just a guilty when it come to preparing physically... my sleep schedule is still off. By Friday we all are exhausted and are not objecting to the early to bed idea!

Not a full week in and already hearing the 'homework' groans of complaint. Still it could be worse, at least they seem to enjoy their new teachers and are ecstatic to see their old friends. No new schools this year so they know their way around and can have some familiarity with getting back to the old routine of things.

Both are already planning their social calendars, signing up for band and who knows what else - and so begins the 'taxi mom' of the school year schedule too. Truthfully and do not tell them (ie the kids) I would rather drive them places & know where they are, than the freedom of the 'teen drivers licence'. That too is coming up soon! As the oldest will qualify to get that dreaded thing next month.. agggghhh. (Hmmm... Then too I can have the older one drive the younger to lessons, groups, friend ect.. hmmmmm... might be a good thing. We shall see?!?!?

SCHOOL: Back in session, back to work (only two days this year). Health permitting I am able to go more often, and was encouraged to show up anytime to help out. So in all a good start!
The littlest ones the Kindergartners were almost impossible to corral the first day, Friday I walked past one of their rooms and peeked in. Everyone of them was down on their mat for quiet/nap time. LOL ~ exhausted, the Teachers looked as if they could use a nap too.

Getting used to the new faces & enjoying seeing the old. Surprised by some swollen bellies (baby on board) and sad to know some are leaving.

In all a new adventure ... same ship just a few new faces! Glad I can be along for the ride!

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