Monday Morning

Hello blogg world,
Hope all had a great weekend, and are off to a wonderful week.  Lots to do, lots to do so I will make this short... well maybe!

First ~ What are your goals for this week?
How do you set and keep track of your goals, chores, duties?
I am soo not the one to give advise upon this subject... I am a born, tried and true Procrastinator!  So how does someone like me ;-0 get through life?

LISTS, and more list.. then sometimes cross off a few things from the list.   Sad but true, I love organizing and planning ~ it is just the follow-through that has me in a conundrum.
My Goals for this week (maybe making them public will get me to actually do them?! Maybe! LOL)
  • Sweep & mop - ok needs to be done every week or few days, baby steps
  • Finish up the batch of polymer clay pens I am working on.  Have to or not room to do other stuff!
  • call and schedule my doctors appointment... aggghh means reschedule work, coordinating rides kids ect.. (no wonder I'm procrastinating on this one) :-(
  • Laundry (on going)
  • Work (photograph, edit & post items on ETSY)
    • Price everything for show on 24th
  • Sew - love it once I am downstairs to do so.
Well,  gotta run 'Hancock' is running a great a.m. sale... need a few items for the last on the list. ;-)
Have a great week.... and stop procrastinating... hmmm think I need another cup of coffee......

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