Polymer Pen ink Replacement

One of the new items coming out this weekend (Oct 24th) from "Gwendoly's Design's" is Polymer Pens.  They are an awsome addition to my shop and have recieve great feed back from family & friends... my test subjects. (Thanks for all the feedback)

The great think about Polymer pens is that you can easily repace the ink cartradge when they run out. Leaving you with a versitile and longterm use of a cute pen ~ no running out of ink then having to through it away! It is such an easy process even my 11 year old has helped me 'prep' the pens blanks for the polymer clay coating. (If you do not know my daughter is VERY petite for 11). It is the same process as replacing the ink cartridge.

What supplies do you need?
  1. Flat nosed pliers
  2. Basic 'Bic Ultra Round Stic Grip' Pen. Usually you find them in packs of 8 in black or blue ink.
  3. And of course your Polymer Pen from "Gwendolyn's Design" on ETSY... ;-)
How to change the ink cartridge?
  • Gently grip ink cartridge tip/end with flat nose pliers, pull to remove old ink cartridge.
  • Remove new cartage from new 'Bic Pen' in the same manner as removing the old one from the Polymer pen.  **Be gentle you do not want to smash the tip end**
  • Slip new ink cartridge into empty pen tube and gently press down on padded surface to fit it snuggly into Polymer pen case.  ***Again the word is 'Gently'! I find a pad of paper/sticky notes work great as a padded surface.
As always enjoy your new pen, give them as gifts, stocking stuffers. A little token of your appreciation ect...

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