Update on work space/living room

A bit ago I posted a couple of  pictures of my workspace... got the pictures. The carpet & couch cleaned Still working on finding the right size boxes for storage under the coffee table.  It is now it is back to its general chaotic mess cluttered and being lived in... As long as it is sanitary (ie: clean) I figure it is livable.
Right now there is polymer clay products all over the table, items to be logged, boxed and put away by the computer area.  Also getting ready for the "Open  House" in Green Bay, WI on October 24th, 2009.  So it will only get worse before it gets better... Display boards to finish, pricing jewelry (not done due to the fact it is posted directly onto ETSY). Lots to do... as always!


nomadcraftsetc said...

Great job! You look pretty organized to me!

Gwendolyn's Design Blog said...

LOL - Looks are Decieving. giggle