Why Do You Charge That? or Pricing... your response

Ohh so often have you heard "Can you take some money off that price?" or "How Much?" or some other similar inquisitive quip in a tone of 'can you cut me a deal'.  Or my favorite "I could do that!".

Sometimes the last is true, very true for the crafty and creative individual (ahh so many of us out their).  It is also true that it at times can really get under our skin and we want to be defensive of the time, talent and work we put into a piece.  Still take a deep breath, clear your head and then respond ~ or walk away!
I do find that for those truly talented individuals the last statement is usually said in their own head vs. out-loud.
Or if you have caught yourself thinking it ~ please keep it inside. After all is it not better to build another up than tear them down?

So HOW do we respond?  (OK unclench the teeth, Smile, Breath, then... talk.) LOL oh yes Laugh internally is probably better! Really! Think CUSTOMER~ not other things.  Ok, Ok this is NOT a 'the customer is always right' scenario, NO WAY!
So you took your deep breath, now what to say? Which rout to take will depend upon your Craft, your state of mind, and the customer them self...
  1. The not soo effective Snarky response:
    1. "Oh that's nice... so what would you do differently?"
      1. Not always the best, you never know what you will get in response.  Maybe on the off chance you will get some really good ideas in their response. 
      2. But, more than likely it will put them on the defence and perhaps even start a bad argument of talent and dismissal of your real talent.
    2. "Really!" and walk away...
      1. Ok sometimes we have too ... or our mouth will get the best of us.
  2. The neutral response:
    1. "Thank You" and walk away...
      1. Again ... sometimes or we can get into trouble
  3. The Better Responses:
    1. "Oh,what type of _____ do you do?" in a nice pleasant tone and in relationship to the item they were looking at... (or it falls under #1)
      1. Example is: "what type of (bead-work, sewing, photography, painting...) do you do?"
        1. If they really do work with the same medium you just may have found a fellow artists, crafter to bounce ideas off of and maybe a new friend.
        2. If not the same medium - ask them about the work they put into theirs and why they were thinking of changing, or what they like about both.
      2. If they are 'thinking' of starting the craft... you can be a good sales person/friend and give them your card and contact info. 
        1. Maybe have a new customer or friend in the future.
        2. You might be able to explain (nicely) what tools they will need.  This in and of itself may be able to "SELL" the item to them at your price!
          1. Maybe invest in one or two tools to re-sell for those (want to learn types)
          2. Or a "KIT" for them to purchase to start up.
        3. The cost of classes, materials... a list of what they would need, ect.... Just think of your studio and all the 'stuff' you have accumulated! (Yikes, ok I sooo have to go sell stuff ~ just had a minor heart attack at the thought!)
      3. If they are into the same craft/artistry.  Ask them questions! 'What would you do differently?' Or maybe there is something you are 'thinking' of changing or starting.
        1. I know I love supporting fellow artists, and will buy from them things I do not like doing, do not have the skill level, or the patience to do. (I can't knit or crochet to save my life!  And I hate doing alterations! I also rarely work with fleece.)
        2. Trade business cards, web sites, blogg spots ect...
        3. Ask about business practices advice, ideas, avenues...
  4. The "to your FRIENDS" response:
    1. Good friends:
      1. Most will understand the work put into the piece or that it is Your Business.
      2. I do give a "Friends Discount" on many items... if the item has higher cost to make I explain this & we come to a mutual  cost!
    2. The Co-worker/ Acquaintances: (Check out your work policies first!)
      1. For these I do offer a 'general discount' of % off, the same for everyone!
        1. Why set a % off? Because you never know who will talk.  You don't want to give Sally 50% off and Betsy 20% off - only to find they are friends & then your on the outs with Betsy, who next year will be your supervisor and she had a good memory! OPPS...
        2. You (check your work policy) can post your business cards with a ?% off for fellow employees ... getting you more customers. 
        3. I politely ask them to take a second or more cards and pass them off to their off-site friends. (maybe even write a % off if they mention the card = future sales).
      2. Offer to do a 'Lunch Hour' showing - or in home 'Open House'
        1. Offer a door prize drawing or bring a friend gift, ect
        2. So many options depending upon your work, life and ability.
This is just a very SHORT way to answer or handle those 'want a discount' people... How do You handle them? Let us know... post a response, Trade stories, the more knowledge you have the better you will be prepared.

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