Display of Jewelry

Working out the kinks in displaying my work. Had a great trial run at the 'Open house' show last weekend in Green Bay.  Low turn out but was nice spending time with my Mom.  Gave me a great chance to see what I need to do to create a great display for a bigger show.
Was able to purchase a couple of foam tri-fold boards at        'Jo Ann Fabric'. On clearance after the start of the school year, way too expensive otherwise.  I purchase two boards - but did not finish the second in time.  They work great for displaying jewelry (necklaces).   *With the help of my Mom, you definitely need an assistant to create them. We used spray on adhesive glue, to attach a nice poly/cotton fabric to the board.   I had miss calculated and only  purchased a small can of spray glue... Fine for one board.   I chose a nice lime green fabric for the first board.  It gave a very nice background for the jewelry I create, giving it a nice background 'pop' but not overwhelming the jewelry itself.   *My advise is use a solid color, remember you want people to look at your goods - not the board.  It is very tempting to use a bold print to get peoples attention - but is that all you want them to see? 
How to make the display board:

  1. Measure your fabric ~

    1. Height: Add 1 1/2 inches extra length for top & bottom. (3" extra)

    2. Width: Add enough fabric to cover entire front and the backs of both side panels, and an extra 1 1/2 inches each.

  2. Iron fabric if needed  *I found with the poly fabric blend I had there was no need to do so

  3. Cover work area with old cloth or sheet (the glue goes everywhere!)

  4. Clip fabric evenly to top of foam board.  (We used med. sized binder clips - worked great to keep fabric in place temporarily)  Flip fabric back to expose front of foam board.

  5. Lay foam board flat & spray glue evenly over entire front of the board, especially edges!

  6. With help! Gradually lay the fabric onto the board working from top to bottom. (Do not pull tight)  Lie the fabric onto the very sticky board ~ gently smooth out wrinkles as you work your way down - w/o pulling.

  7. Allow to dry... we waited 2 hrs

  8. Remove clips flip board over.  Spray glue on top & bottom edges - fold fabric over.

  9. Spray glue onto side flaps of board & gently place fabric.

    1. *IF you end up covering side slits, where the side panels fold in. After it has dried you will need to carefully slit fabric along crease to allow the board to fold & stand properly.

  10. Finish back with smoth tape to help enforce fabric to board. 

    1. You may decorate this as you see fit.

    2. You might need to have the back side of the board exposed at some shows.