MIA - Im back

Hello all I know I have been MIA lately with the holidays, kids school activities and my health things have been very busy.  The new year is just around the proverbial corner and I am working hard both on my jewelry, being a good Mom and keeping healthier.

One big thing I want to get out today is that I made it to an ETSY treasury... What an honor.  For those who do not know,  a treasury is picked by an etsy member and they choose items based upon a theme.  An artist usually does not know they were picked until they get a note saying they are in one. Woo Hoo it is great exposure for ones shop, an honor because a fellow artist picked You.  Like I said woo hoo! And thanks to the wonderful people artist at ETSY. 

How can you help?  click on the text and then click on my item... the more clicks I get the more exposure my shop will get and in turn (crossed fingers) more sales = financial independence! My item is the Womens long pink tunic!

One last WOO HOO ~ and of course Thanks to all who have been so supportive in the past 2009 year!
Thanks All ~ Happy New Year!!!

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