Photo Staging Ideas:

Who hasn't been like how do I stage this item?  I know I am there a lot! Now I keep a pile of items in my photographing area as props... it is very helpful when I get into the what do I do now arena.  Now to take a look and see what I have around the house.

Kitchen & Household items:

  • Old Jars, wine bottles, Ceramic jars, vases ect.
    • Hang item from the lip of  the jar, bottle, cup ...
    • Around neck of tapered jar, vase
    • Bowls
      • Large or Small
      • Think wood, ceramic, glass…
      • Fill bowl with salt, rice, fine ground material in natural color give a great contrast to pieces

  •  Lg. Spools of thread or yarn (cones)
    • Hang anything that can pin or hang from a lg spool or cone
  • Cloth:
    • Clothing
      • Think of laying it flat & placing your item to be photoed on top
      • Tack piece up & hang item to be photoed over it… think of a necklace layered over your favorite sweater…
      • Place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt to keep its shape
    • Scarves
      • Use for nice background color/texture/contrast
    • Table linen/runner
    • Pillows
      • Make very small ones and wrap bracelets around them to show depth
      • Use under table cloth to add tiers or height to background of item
      • Decorative throw pillows
  • Miscellaneous Items:
    • Books
      • Stack them,
      • open them and just have fun with using them as displays that is in-between reading them!
    • Novelty over-sized items, have fun!
    • Dressmakers dummy
      • Great for showing the length of items and fullness of clothing without a live person
    • Mannequin parts/body
      • A little spray paint goes a long way in giving your arms or feet a boost!
      • Don’t forget your head
        • Many Beautician schools have old heads with bad haircuts, ask if you can have one or two
        • Great for caps, head coverings, hijabs, ect
  • Nature
    • Stone
      • at the end of the season look at local gardening store for faux rocks/statues to use
      • nice flat stone or two – Lg enough to accommodate item
    • Wood
      • Driftwood 
        • great for water or beach themed items
      • Branches 
        • hang item on or over it
      • Wood crafted items 
        • statues, boxes ect

 Basically take a look at your item 'staged' to see if it flows well, do not get to elaborate as you want them to SEE your item not the staging.  It should look natural, no antique earrings on a modern painting. Keep with a theme don't push it.  Less is more, but the right setting will 'sell' your goods. Change it up, don't get caught in the easy route.  You never know what you will find just looking around your home there is no need to go out an purchase expensive sets/settings.  Sure a good necklace bust is a good investment, look research and see what fits your style.

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TRush said...

This has been on my mind lately. I've been wanting to add something as a background. This has given me some ideas. Thanks.