My 'square peg' child...

Considering my theme of who you hang around changes your life, I have been looking into alternative schooling for my Middle School aged child.  She has been having a very difficult time in general public school for as long as I can remember.  She has been the proverbial 'square peg' trying to fit into the small round hole the public schools need to cater too.

It came to a head this year as she has had the difficult transition into the middle school grades and has not been able to find solid footing.  We have been blessed with some of the best school systems and teachers in the area.  Yet as she has been growing mentally, socially and physically the general group the systems curriculum caters too has left her behind.  Trying to find an answer as to how to make school fun and educational has led us to alternative options.

I attended a Montessori introductory meeting this past weekend.  In this alternative way of teaching I think I have found an answer for my child.  It may not be the answer for everyone, yet it may help others who are struggling with a child who is the 'square peg'.  We are weighting (me impatiently) for an answer to 'did she get in' wich will be answered in March 2010, for the following school year.  After sitting down and explaining the schooling vs the general public schooling she would receive. I was first met with hostile apprehension from her.  Which after a few days of sinking in and another day at the general public school I was pleased to hear a positive response to her going to a different school.  A portion of her apprehension was the fact that she would be leaving her friends - the axes of her world.  In fact she admitted that this would not be the end of her universe but an expansion to meet new friends and self-growth. (A conclusion only a I, her mom,  knew would be attained after a few days of considering the facts.). 

So we weight, hope and look forward to what I hope is a positive answer to her going to Montessori vs general public school next year.  In this change I pray will bring a great improvement and a new found love of learning I know lies deep within her soul.

Watch the link to you tube to find out more about the Montessori Middle School for the 12st Century, and learn more about this longs standing and alternative way of teaching that produces some of the most successful students in the world.

Montessori Middle School for the 21st Century YouTube Video

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