It is amazing how time slips past and changes are inevitable!

Hello Everyone,

It is a dreary Saturday morning here in Wisconsin.  I am up early (for summer) as my son is taking his Act's this morning. Wish him Luck!!!

It is amazing how time slips past and changes are inevitable.  It seems (typical mom), like just yesterday he was only 2.  Now I am faced with the prospect of girl & soon boy friends (my daughter) to be in the mix.  I am wishing the 'coodie' stage had lasted a bit longer, say until they are both graduated from college!  Ahh so true the voice of a parent rings - yet only to another parent.  ACT ~ College applications, campus visits... it almost makes one wish for the time of poopy diapers & spit up.. Almost!  LOL

Still with their Independence I find my own... And damn it it is scary!  Not only their going off to become self sustaining adults, but I too am finding myself becoming a different adult.  No longer will I be the one who is there awake at curfew making sure they are in, the doors locked and the always diligent Mom.  The bad guy who says no to certain friends parties, or the one who 'makes' them clean up & take the garbage out ~ bad guy.  And too the 'good guy' who can put the face of the 'bad guy' (wink wink ~ Mom's know!)

And so we both find ourselves in very different rolls, of who we are and who we will become?  What do we want from our new found lives, and where do we want to go?

I know, even more keenly know than I did 18 years ago, that the next 18 years will fly by and the ride will be interesting! 

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