Where has the time gone?

One minute it is summer the next we are in the grips of NE WI winter.  Months have past and life has been changing so where to begin?

Sure I have been out of the picture for quite a while & many of you are probibally wondering who is this popping up?  Still me, crafting and parenting trying to keep sane and bussy.  LOL well busy at least!

Can you immagine I have an 18 Year old at home?  I was shocked to even think of him turning into the perverbial adult.  Though he is still finishing his HS year, my 'Baby' has signed up for the US Army and will be leaving the nest this next June 2011.  Wasn't only yeasterday he was 3' tall and asking for me to watch 'Toy Story" one more time.  Now at 6'4" he is building muscle to be in shape for the gruling weeks of 'boot camp' he will be enduring.  All I can say is 'where has the time gone?'
His younger sister is no better.  She is as tall as her mother and becoming the 'teen' of the house one minute and the momma's girls the next.  We sit and talk one minute about how life will be without her brother at home - to arguing about homework & life the next.  Still can't complain too much, the fact is they are both really good kids.  It is amazing the difference between teen boys & girls.  This comes into stark realization when I contemplate on how I handled things with her brother vs. her.  Let me tell you the mouth goes 100 miles an hour on a girl vs a boy, when He didn't like what I said he grunted at me and walked away... Not so with a girl, 'yap, yap, yap' on & on.  If only I could  convince her it isn't how many words you spout out but what you are saying.  Though I am not alone many of the Mom's I know that are in this stage of life are experiancing the same things.

So onward we shall go, changing and growing into this new stage of life... Oh where oh where will time take us now?

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