St. Paul Craft and Art Show

My first show of 2011 was in  Green Bay, WI at the St. Paul Methodist Church.  It was their first Craft & Art Show and was amazing they did so well at organizing and advertising.  The hospitality of the volunteers and staff was great - a perfect start to the season. 
I was accompanied by my friend Carol who sell Scensy and was able to be stationed next to my booth.  As always it is nice to have a friend or colleague attend an event with you or be stationed next to you.  Great for the times when you wish to get up and wander an event, see whom else is attending, make a purchase or two and of course use the restroom.  As anywhere having someone whom you trust is an extra bonus. Being able to leave your stuff and possible sales up to another is very important.

So, thanks to both the volunteers and staff at St. Paul's Methodist Church and to my friend Carol for all their help.

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