Refurbishing Armour into Crafting station

Another pick from the garbage bin - refurbished(ing) into a great new looking piece of functional furniture.

I found this great piece sitting outside our dumpster.   Too bad it was after the local kids tore out the shelves and drawers and smashed them... It would have made refurbishing it easier.
 Front center top had originally had drawers and two shelf's on the bottom with doors over the top drawers.  I latter found out it had been a 'gentalmans chest' over 100 yrs old.

 The feet are amazing, the back board look really old. Yet I could never bring it back to the original manner as so much was lost and damaged, beyond repair for the armature refurbisher. 
1) I gave it a good light sanding all over. 
2) Then filled in the holes, dents and the laminent with wood puddy. 
3) Lightly sanded the wood puddy to smooth it and match the final sanding.
4) I gave it a good coat of oil based primer.

5) Then a couple of coats of robins egg blue paint.  *Funny story on the paint;  It was a second at a local store, the can looked terrible paint spilt all over it.  I asked them to re-shake it and it spilt more paint. 
I ended up getting just over 3/4 gallon of paint for $2.50... It never hurts to ask for a better price.
I painted the back as the entire piece is being re-furbished.  I am awaiting a friend who is cutting the shelf's for me, then I will paint them and place them in permanently. 
I want to stencil a design on the sides and give the top a coat of polyurethane, to give it a final finish.  Exspecially because I want to use it for craft supplies.

I hope to finish it within the next month... though I am packing to move, finishing some steam punk clothing and am not feeling well.  Of which all I just want to get it all done and post the finished product!

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