New kitten

Ok so I broke down and  we adopted a new kitten.  Fittingly my daughter named him Jinx, fitting due to his tenacious attitude and actions... LOL
As you see he is almost entirely black, with only a smidgen of white on his belly and maybe a spot on his chest.  He must have some Siamese as he never shuts up, Literally he meows all the time! Doesn't matter if your holding him or ignoring him the constant meowing can be heard across our apartment and I wonder if the neighbors can hear it. 

He looks bigger in this picture than he actually is.  He is just very lanky and long, his tail is as long as he is. His attitude fits his length... He has chewed through my laptop computer cord,  my sons headphone cord, and then my mouse cord.  The last only took him 20 min to destroy.  So over $70 latter and still not headphones replaced they will be another $50/60.  This has been one very expensive kitten and we have only had him going on two weeks.

On a good note he is learning that my head is not his perch.  Max our older cat is already used to him, and playing with him.  And the experts said it would take a few weeks to months - not with our laid back Max.

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