Another beautiful fall day here in WI - A Poem

Another beautiful fall day here in WI, the light breeze lands upon the trees sending leaves floating down like ferries going for a ride through the clear blue sky.  Gently they descend to land upon our lawn another to be raked up in yet another day.

Another beautiful fall day in WI, the trees are turning colors: Bright auburn tones mixed with the reds only found in fall.  The Bright blue sky reflects upon them making everything shine with the cool brisk breeze upon my face.

Another beautiful fall day here in WI, The brisk air tantalized my nose with smells of fall... warm bonfires sending up whiffs of smoke the smell only fall leaves can bring.  The smell of frost in the morning and the warmth of the earth awakening to the mid day sun yearning for yet another day of its brilliant light now dwindling in the ever encroaching evening.

Another beautiful fall day here in WI, the sun in the blue sky is resting in its evening splendor of reds and oranges.  The moon readily awakens to take its place in the fall night sky.  Soon to find its reflection in the falling snow - Goodbye fall.

 By: Gwendolyn W. 

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